Three New Poems Published In THE SCHOOL MAGAZINE

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I had three new poems published last month in The School Magazine, an Australian children’s publication which is actually made up of four individual magazines for different age groups. My poems appeared in three of them: Orbit, Touchdown, and Blast Off.

“Cinderella a Capella” was published in the November issue of Orbit. I had a lot of fun writing this poem, and it turned out to be one of my favorites. It takes the form of a humorous story with a beginning, a middle, and an unexpected ending. The idea began with the title as I started generating words and phrases that rhymed with “Cinderella.” (I have a long list.) I thought “a cappella” was unusual and full of possibilities and pondered what might happen if Cinderella loved to sing and how that idea could be turned into something funny. Greg Holfeld, an experienced comic artist and animator, wonderfully captured the essence of the character in his delightful illustration.

“Nervous Circus,” which was published in the November issue of Touchdown, is jam-packed with word play, incorporating puns for all of the circus workers that not only connect to their roles but also to the stress of their jobs. The stunning artwork by Sheree Fiala aptly reflects the tension and confusion, as well as the humor, that I was trying to convey.

“Fireworks,” in the November issue of Blast Off, is more of a traditional poem. This poem is teeming with sound effects and imagery, as well as other poetic devices like alliteration, simile, and rhyme. Although it was originally written as a Fourth of July poem, it ultimately found a home in an Australian publication. (The poem, of course, is not about the Fourth of July specifically, but about fireworks in general.) The magnificent illustration by Queenie Chan depicts a sense of exuberance and celebration.

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