• "It was my pleasure working with you over the years and promoting your classes. I know how much your class means to students. Prior to your class starting, I would hear them talking about classes that they had previously attended. However, as soon as your class began, you could hear a pin drop. Students would be watching your every move and try to create their own cartoon artwork. In your classes, everyone participated and wanted to be there."

    JAN METZNER Enrichment coordinator, Plymouth-Canton Community Education, Plymouth, Michigan
  • “Thanks for participating and instructing a class in Webber’s Afterschool Enrichment Program. You always do a fantastic job and the students look forward to drawing with you every workshop! Thanks for enriching the lives of our students.”

    NAKAI HATCH Enrichment coordinator, Webber Elementary, Lake Orion, Michigan
  • "I forgot to thank you for sending the Oakland Press article on you and your classes. Bob’s quote was great! You are a legend! We are truly thankful to have had you in our program all these years, teaching something fun and creative to our kids. And, I have enjoyed working with you."

    DIANA J. O'DONNELL Enrichment supervisor, Troy Continuing Education, Troy, Michigan
  • "Thanks for leaving me your cartooning workshop book, again, as you always do. Just wanted to let you know that the kids LOVE your workshop and the booklet. When students are finished with their regular projects, they get their sketchbooks out and draw in them. The rule is that they must draw something they see. They fight over your cartooning books so they can draw characters they see in the book."

    STEPHANIE KESSLER Art teacher, Gill Elementary, Farmington, Michigan
  • "I’m so glad that everyone had a good time at the workshop today. When I came back to my desk, five of the boys who attended continued to draw in the youth area."

    BETH PULVER Youth librarian, Cromaine Library, Hartland, Michigan
  • "I’m not quite sure that I can describe the impact that you had on our students at the Art Convocation. It seems the ‘doodling’ didn’t want to stop. Moms are still stopping me in the hall to comment on the excitement that the children came home with that day!"

    CYNTHIA MAY Art teacher, Hickory Grove Elementary, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
  • "My son Ryan took your cartooning class at St. Regis for his second time. You have really inspired him — he spends a lot of time drawing and is creating his own characters."

    MARY ANN DETERS Parent, St. Regis School, Bloomfield, Michigan
  • "Your cartooning classes sure add to the success of our Children’s Community Ed program in Farmington. We had nearly 100 children enroll in them this fall."

    TERRY LELAND Youth enrichment coordinator, Farmington Community Education, Farmington, Michigan
  • "I work for the Child and Family Life Department at Mott Hospital in Ann Arbor. We run activity rooms for inpatient and sibling use while they are in the hospital. A copy of your cartoons was passed along to me by a volunteer for use with their kids. I was thinking they would be perfect for patients to trace or copy to decorate some of their art projects."

    JULIE KIMBER Activity therapist, C.S. Mott Hospital, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • "I love your poem ‘Creepy Pizza’ and would love to have permission to copy it and use it in my reading course for visual imaging. I have students illustrate poems and short stories to help them slow down when they read and really see the picture the author/poet is portraying with his/her words. I would love to see what they come up with while using your poem."

    TERESA JANES Teacher, Spokane Valley High School, Spokane Valley, Washington
  • "My son Ben has decided to choose you as his special poet for his English Speaking Board Exam. He will be reciting your poem ‘My Favorite Fibs’ to a panel of examiners ... He’s read your work and really loves it as it’s very amusing. We live in a village in Norfolk in England and know there’s no chance we will ever get to meet you or get an autograph, but he’d be over the moon with an email. Just though I’d let you know there is a big ‘fan’ over the ocean."

    JO JUTSUM Parent, Norfolk, England
  • "My son just completed your class at Haviland Elementary. He has talked and drawn all night ... even with a flashlight when we were in the car! Thanks for a great class."

    MARY SULLIVAN Parent, Waterford, Michigan

Disclaimer: These statements reflect individual experiences and opinions.

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