“Good Morning” Published In HUMPTY DUMPTY

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My poem “Good Morning” is on the back cover of this month’s issue of Humpty Dumpty, one of the oldest American children’s magazines, having been published for over 65 years as part of the Children’s Better Health Institute. Humpty Dumpty is a magazine for children ages 2-6, and its sister magazine, Jack and Jill, is for older readers, ages 6-12. The mission of these magazines is to promote physical, educational, creative, social, and emotional growth through short stories, poems, nonfiction articles, crafts, recipes, comics, puzzles, and more. I’m glad to have my work included.

The Children’s Better Health Institute originally published a whole handful of magazines, many that I remember from my youth. I believe some of the other titles included Children’s Digest, Children’s Playmate, Child Life, Turtle, U.S. Kids, and others. I remember being enamored by them at the doctor’s office and school library and how they helped spur my interest in reading. Today only Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill remain and are known collectively as U.S. Kids and published by the Saturday Evening Post Society.

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