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I’ve always been a paper-and-pencil kind of artist, or more accurately paper-and-Sharpie. I like drawing the old fashioned way. It was only a few years ago that I started doing any kind of artwork on computer, and for the most part, that simply meant scanning my drawings from paper. Even more recently, I began adding color to my drawings, which were still scanned from paper, but I filled in the color on computer.

Now I’ve been trying something new. (New for me, that is.) I’ve created some drawings entirely on my iPad. I’m using a very basic (free) app called You Doodle+, which is basically a photo editor but allows for drawing and painting and other types of artwork as well.

I know there are more professional apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate, which I may advance to in the future. But I’m a slow adapter when it comes to technology. After all, I’ve been trained with rolling rulers, Liquid Paper, Rubylith, Zip-a-Tone, and Design markers, and if you don’t understand what those are, then you can pretty much relate to my understanding of bit depths, image modes, resolutions, and vectors.

But I’m learning.

I do love the smooth lines and the crisp and cleaner appearance of digital drawings, and the ability to incorporate perfect geometric shapes often leads to more stylized results. Not to mention the ease of editing and the abundance of special techniques and effects. Plus, the end results look more contemporary and professional.

In all honesty, however, I still prefer drawing by hand. I love the physical movement and the free flowing lines and the instantaneous results. Most of all, I feel my hand-drawn cartoons have more personality and a style that’s uniquely my own.

I will probably continue with a combination of manual and digital approaches in the future, as each has its own advantages, and both are enjoyable ways to create.

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