Daytime Programs

Daytime cartooning programs are available during the afternoons throughout the school year. Lessons and demonstrations can be adapted to fit different grade levels (K-8) or group size (ranging from individual classrooms to whole school assemblies). Rates are based on an hourly fee, but hours can be broken down into smaller periods, such as 20-or-30-minute sessions to allow smaller groups to rotate through. A daytime program can usually accommodate an entire school within two or three hours.

In addition to instruction, each student will receive a handout with cartoon samples to take home. The school will need to make copies ahead of time. Cartooning booklets will be available for students to purchase individually for a small fee. The school will also need to provide some basic equipment (see below) and students will need to bring paper and pencils.


  1. Reserve a room that has tables and chairs where kids can sit to draw (or they may sit on the floor if they bring a hard surface to draw on, like a clipboard or a book).
  2. Promote the program ahead of time.
  3. I will send you two handouts for you to copy for all your students: a sample page of cartoons and a reminder to bring money to purchase a booklet.
  4. Please distribute the booklet reminder about one week before the program; collect booklet money and keep track of who paid.
  5. The sample cartoon handout will be handed out during the presentation.
  6. Notify your staff of the time schedule so the program begins on time.
  7. Please have the following equipment set up and working:
  • – Tables and chairs
  • – Projector (overhead or Elmo) with screen*
  • – Microphone (for large groups of 40 or more)
  • – Flatbed or cart (for me to bring in my supplies)
  1. Please have the following materials ready:
  • – Copies of sample carton handouts
  • – Ream of plain copy paper
  1. Please have each student bring:
  • – Pencil
  • – Clipboard or drawing surface (if sitting on the floor)
  1. Some school staff should help supervise during the program.
  2. Some school staff should help distribute booklets and/or collect additional booklet money.
  3. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

* A large dry erase board (but not a smart board) can be used instead of the projector.

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