I Teach Kids How To Draw Cartoons!

My daytime programs and afterschool workshops are great ways to help kids learn to draw and think creatively. I visit elementary and middle schools in southeastern Michigan throughout the school year to instruct and inspire kids in the art of cartooning. Even beginners can get hands-on experience and watch as cartoons are created before their eyes. Students who are introduced to cartooning for a single session will be motivated to continue further on their own, possibly for an entire lifetime. It’s easy, affordable, educational, and fun!

While my afterschool workshop is my most popular program, I’m also available for school assemblies, classroom visits, latch-key sessions, PTO fundraisers, author visits, art clubs, libraries, community centers, scouting groups, private parties, and homeschooling.

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 Why Have Cartooning At School?

  • Cartooning encourages creative thinking.
  • Cartooning develops artistic expression.
  • Cartooning helps improve motor skills.
  • Cartooning increases confidence and self-esteem.
  • Cartooning supports art education.
  • Cartooning allows kids to see instant results.
  • Cartooning is simple, quick, and easy.
  • Cartooning is quiet and inexpensive.
  • Cartooning is fun!
Cartooning Classes
Cartooning Classes
Cartooning Classes
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