“Brother For Sale” Published On GiggleVerse

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My poem “Brother For Sale” is posted on GiggleVerse, a brand new website developed by former Children’s Poet Laureate Kenn Nesbitt, featuring “the funniest kids’ poems in the universe.” 

GiggleVerse is meant to encourage children to read by providing them with new funny poems from writers all over the world, every weekday, on the website and by email. Poems are searchable by author, title, and a wide range of categories, including animal poems, classic poems, cautionary tales, fairy tales and nursery rhymes, holiday poems, nonsense poems, school poems, gross poems, spooky poems, tall tales, songs, and more. This is an excellent resource for schools or just for reading entertainment. The website is www.giggleverse.com.

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  • Christy Mihaly

    I’m enjoying “GiggleVerse” and “Brother for Sale” is a great poem! Thanks for pointing me toward this website. I’m going to tell my teacher friends about it too!

    • N Levin

      Hi Christy! Thanks for commenting. GiggleVerse is a great website, especially for classrooms.

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