Afterschool Workshops

My afterschool Cartooning Workshop is my most popular program. I do not charge the school anything, because students sign up and pay individually. In fact, the school even keeps a certain percentage of the money.


Afterschool programs are available during the afternoons or evenings throughout the school year for students in grades K-8. The enrollment fee includes all materials and a free cartooning booklet for every student. Each workshop lasts one hour and is a one-time seminar, although you may schedule more than one. I often return to the same building once a semester or once a year. The class and the booklet are always updated each time I return, and many students enroll repeatedly for a number of years, always learning something new.

The workshop serves as an introduction to drawing cartoon characters such as the ones I’ve created. A variety of hands-on activities are presented. No experience is required, and students at any level will be able to demonstrate finished drawings by following an easy step-by-step process. Students are also encouraged to make up their own. Ask about my Halloween Cartooning workshop available for October!

In order to promote this class, the school will need to copy and distribute a paper flyer to all the kids in their building. I will provide you with the original flyer. The school will also need to provide some basic equipment (see below).

I do not need a formal contract but can send you a letter of confirmation once a program is scheduled. You can pay me on the day of my visit, or I can invoice you and you can mail me a check later.


  1. Book a date and time.
  2. We will figure out a fee to charge and a split (how much money goes to the school).
  3. Reserve a room that has tables and chairs where kids can sit to draw.
  4. I will send you a flyer. Please add a registration form at the bottom and copy and distribute the paper flyer to all the students in your building about two weeks before the class. This accounts for the majority of the enrollments.
  5. Promote the program in additional ways as you see fit.
  6. Collect money as kids register and compile a class list.
  7. Let me know how many people have signed up at least one day before the class. In some instances, the class may have to be cancelled if there are not enough students.
  8. Please have the following equipment set up and working:
  • – Tables and chairs
  • – Large chalkboard or dry erase board (but not a smart board) *
  • – Microphone (for large groups of 40 or more)
  • – Flatbed or cart (for me to bring in my supplies)
  1. I will provide the paper, pencils, and cartooning booklets.
  2. Help take attendance at the beginning of class and help make sure all kids are picked up at the end.
  3. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

*A projector (overhead or Elmo) with a screen can be used instead of the board.

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